Very low jitter on canopy


Is there some Canopy (Cambium Networks) device witch are able to deliver very low jitter data transmission?

We need to deliver client up to 10ms of jitter and up to 100ms average (RTT) latency @ max 1.5Mbits.

For now we are using canopy 100 and 400. But there ar jitter up to 30ms witch is not acceptable.

Maybe there are some devices witch can buffer data and make very low jitter?

Are you talking jitter from or the jitter in the radio?

My guess is jitter as in return time jitter.

PMP450 is gonna be 5-7ms so they say :slight_smile:

Durrrrr wrote:
My guess is jitter as in return time jitter.

PMP450 is gonna be 5-7ms so they say :)

True, but if it's going to an outside server to test there will always be a lag in place that will contribute to an increased return time jitter.

why do you need jitter control? if it is for voice, use QoS and you won’t have any issues,

also make sure you are using control slots on your APs, without them your jitter will go nuts, we have tipical 20ms jitter durring peaks on our 900 APs loaded. and even on baked APs with QoS used properly we have no problems with voice service what so ever. and if you need dedicated bandwidth to them, give that customer a “low priorty” rate of x speed, and every other customers 0, also if you are going to use qos make sure to include the high priorty channel mark…

a little more information on what you are doing will help out a lot.

and if your 400s are kicking around, you need faster BHs, they are old and slow compaired to the other fellas

Well your not gonna get much better returns then what the PMP450 is gonna offer.

If you need better then you need to look at Point to Point and not Point to Multipoint.