Very small system, want to use something like ICS

I’ve got my Canopy 5.2 MHz AP up and running. Its connected to a subscriber module 7500 feet away and puts out its 4.8 MBPS downlink and about 1.1 MBPS Uplink. An ethernet NIC is all I’ve got at each computer for hardware, and only dial up internet is currently available at one location. I’ve also got Microsoft’s file and printer sharing working too.

Has anyone had any experience with using Internet connect sharing using Windows 98; just so I can get some form of internet at the second location?

The real fun is coming later. For a reasonable fee our telephone company offers 5 MBPS high speed telephone internet service in the area of the town 3 to 4 miles away. The AP will find itself on a high structure in town and I anticipate will offer the fastest wireless (or otherwise) service in this area.
Anyone with any comments; please post them. It was a slow process to learn what little I have done so far. I truly will appreciate any help and ideas, as my areas of expertise are in farming, water well drilling etc etc. Thanks for any help on the subject of internet connections to the canopy system

You should ask the phone company about sharing the service before you resale it.

yep sharing their bandwidth will not last i know a guy who did it at a dock on the lake for the house boats and it lasted about 6 months and they cut off and give him a good lecture.


Check the terms and conditions as well as the acceptable use policy of your ISP. My bet is that they prohibit resale of services - and given that they are pricing the services for retail, you can hardly blame them.

Wireless or any form of high speed internet is not available in this rural area. I checked with the telephone company and was assured there was no problem with retransmitting for “personal or my business use” as long as it was not for resale. After all WIFI is the same idea except for a slightly smaller distance but much larger arc. Maybe I’ll get that in writing though.
Any suggestions about the original question of setting up the “internet connect sharing”?

The “Internet Connection Sharing” is available in Windows 98 SE, look here -
If your Windows is not SE try WinRoute or WinGate or any other NAT/proxy program.