Video Surveillance Mt Pico, Azores

The Azores are a group of nine volcanic islands in the North Atlantic, some 1000 miles from Portugal. The central island group consists of five islands, dominated by the Mt Pico volcano on Pico Island. Standing at Mt Pico 7,700 feet it is the highest mountain in Portugal (the Azores are an autonomous region of Portugal) and has become a significant attraction for hiking. This hike is challenging and classed as a YDS Grade 2 scramble but the increased popularity has brought increased safety concerns.

I was fortunate to recently visit Pico and complete the ascent. The terrain is difficult, with no clear path and very demanding conditions underfoot due to the volcanic debris. The Azores Regional Government have recognized the risk of undertaking this hike and insist that all hikers carry a GPS locater and an emergency radio. In addition, CCTV has been installed at two locations on the mountain so that conditions and hikers can be observed.  These cameras are backhauled by Cambium PTP650 PTP links. The first camera, about half way up the trail, is a very sophisticated remote controlled camera and the second is a simpler PTZ camera, located at the summit. This is a particularly important location since the hike is attractive to overnighters who camp on the summit to see the sunset and the sunrise the following day.

ThIs is Mt Pico viewed from Sao Jorge, one of the other islands in the central group. 

Here is the first camera and PTP650 located approximately half way up the trail.

This is the camera located at the summit.

If you are interested in viusitng the Azores here is a useful link.


These are beautiful pictures and a very impressive deployment of gear!

How do they power these.