View ARP table or packet capture of cnpilot

We have a few CNPilot routers where I want to locate them.
If I could see the arp table remotely, i would be able to find the rooftop radio ip address and be able to find the location that way.
At the moment all i can do is traceroute out to the internet and know what subnet the rooftop radio is in (there are a couple of hundred rooftop radios in that subnet)
But if i can find the mac address of the rooftop radio lan interface / neighbor then i know its wireless mac is only a couple of digits off and that would help me narrow it down.

Alternatively i thought i could do a packet capture through the cnmaestro but it only stays in the result window

Then a moment later
In Progress…
Opening device eth2.1

Then 60 seconds later
Opening device eth2.1

So how do i see the result of the packet capture or download the packet capture information?
Surely the mac address of the rooftop radio would appear in the packet capture as it is sending/recieving the cnmaestro remote command and control packets through the rooftop radio which also happens to be the WAN gateway of the router - think like double nat.

Any help you can provide is very much appreciated.