Viewsheds radius

Hi, is there a plan to support more than 30km radius for calculations?

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We have no plans to increase the radius for viewsheds. This radius is more than most people would want for their PMP installations.

If the radius increases then the processing time and image size increase dramatically and it would also require the image to be split into tiles, etc. Adding 10 km to the radius would increase the image from around 4 million pixels to over 7 million pixels (depending on the latitude).



Hi, thank you for explanation.

This is very useful, not just for PMP installations, but also for PTP. You have a few locations and you try to find common tower site, that would work the best and with viewsheds this is very easy to do. Otherwise you have to have locations marked and try to do PTP links and it is just a bunch of work, that could have been done via viewsheds in a couple of seconds.
PTP links are usually more than 30km. Maybe a larger radius, but with limitations for maximum of 180 degrees azimuth?

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Even if the viewshed was restricted to 180 degrees, it would still result in a very large image if we wanted to cover the full PTP range.

Usually you have a general idea for the possible locations for PTP so the full area coverage isn’t as useful. In the desktop version, the online map view has the option to preview a profile to the closest unconnected sites:

In the desktop version and the online version, it is easy to create PTP links from a common start location. This can be used to test out multiple links in a single “create” command.