Visible LEDs on cnWave platforms

On all cnWave platforms, the Main (and Aux) port LEDS can be used to determine boot status and more, if / when they are visible.


If the cnWave device is lying on a horizontal surface, with the face with the mounting holes faced down to that surface, the LEDs are then in the orientation that is referred to for the remainder of this doc; i.e. Left LED is on the left, etc

All Hardware variants

The information in this section applies to all hardware variants

Main Port Left LED RED

The Left LED will light red soon after power is applied, it will remain red while the unit is booting which should take approx 60 seconds for a V1000 and approx 40 second for a V5000 / V3000 / V2000.

Notes: Boot time is extended if

  • Recovery Mode is entered, see below
  • software upgrade is underway

Main Port Left LED RED and Right LED RED

Following a short power outage (approx 4 seconds), the cnWave unit will enter Recovery Mode. Upon entry to Recovery Mode, the Right LED will light red in addition to the left. Upon exit of Recovery Mode, the Right LED will turn off. Boot will then continue with just the Left LED lit RED as above

Main Port Left LED Green

Once boot has almost completed, the Left LED will light green. Soon after this, the unit should be manageable directly (ssh or https).

Note: While the system in now running, it may still take some time for the unit to form a wireless link after the Left LED has lit green

Main Port Left LED Green and Right LED RED

Product Meaning
V5000 / V3000 / V2000 negotiated at 1Gbps or less
V1000 negotiated at 100Mbps or less

Main Port Left LED Green and Right LED GREEN

Product Meaning
V5000 / V3000 negotiated at 2.5, 5 or 10Gbps
V2000 negotiated at 2.5Gbps
V1000 negotiated at 1Gbps

V5000 / V3000 / V2000

the information here only applies to V5000, V3000 and V2000

Aux Port Left LED

Indicates the Power-Over-Ethernet state

Colour POE Status
Off PoE disabled
Red PoE enabled not supplying
Green PoE enabled and supplying

Aux Port Right LED

Indicates the Ethernet negotiation outcome

Colour Ethernet status
Off not negotiated
Red negotiated at 100Mbps
Green negotiated at 1Gbps (or 2.5Gbps for V2000)

Cambium Support

If accessing Cambium Support where the LED behaviour is being quoted, it is recommended to record a video of the LEDs to provide to the support team. This will serve to confirm / measure timings and help notice potentially missed events (e.g. short green lights)