Visio Shapes/stencils

Are there any available or has someone made these already??
Would be great to have access to these for system design

I’m looking for them too, Motorola support claimed they had them and would provide a link but as of yet heard nothing.

Let me know if you have any luck.


maybe we should bump this to the network monitoring category?

anyway, i’m interested in the Visio stencils as well, it’ll really help build a network map.

anyone know where to find these?

You bet they are there. I found them in the Canopy Channel Member area. In Canopy Graphics. They’ve been there since November. They have a half-cluster, units with reflectors, CMM, etc…

They’re not the best quality, but better thana square box that says “SM” in it.


could you do us a favor and post those stencils in the forum? some of us are having trouble finding them in the channel members area. if you are against posting them… instructions on exactly where to find them would be appreciated.

Log in to Channel Mamber Site. In the orange Main Menu, click on Canopy Graphics at the bottom. And the Visio Stencils are first on the list.

I’d rather not post them :? , but if you email me I will get them to you.