Visio stencils for Cambium equipment


Does anyone have Microsoft Visio stencils for Cambium equipment?

I've alredy download available stencils for PMP 450, PTP 650 and ePMP, but I also need stencils for CMM4 (and/or CMM5), PMP 450m (Medusa) and PMP 450i, UGPS, Grounding Kit, and other equipment.

They are available?

Thanks in advance.

Hello - you can find visio stencils HERE.



I've alredy download all the stencils available in that section but I can't find stencils for some (very common) Cambium equipment.

In particular I need stencil for:

  • PMP AP 450i (integrated and connectorized)
  • PMP AP 450m
  • PMP SM 450i (integrated and connectorized)
  • PMP SM 450d (with and without dish mount)
  • CMM4 (indoor and outdoor unit)
  • CMM5 (modular unit)
  • UGPS

Does this stencils exist?

Can Cambium's staff provide them for community?


I am looking for these as well I need the equipment that is rack mounted like CMM3-5 and the Ranger BBU,RRH and SM and sector antenna.

Thank You.