vlan and nat on sta

I want to put Management and Data of a STA in a different vlan while running NAT.
So the STA needs one external IP in Data Vlan for Natting and one IP in Managment Vlan to get Managment Access. I found only setting for one external IP. Where to set the second?

Or is this IP used on both vlans?

Ok. Found it. It is not possible to have different vlans for data and management when sta is in NAT-Mode. A feature cambium may consider. Would help to secure network.

Can this please be added ?

in all the videos they talk about great connectivity, but WISP cant even connect to their units, having management vlan is a complete must to even consider deploying.

Stefan / Stig,
This request has been made by several customers. We are working on it, and it should be in a near future release for ePMP.

Hi Corey,

Is this feature will be release soon ? b’cause right now we are doing trial ePMP1000 and we really need this feature.