VLAN and VRF ??


Anybody using VRF?

Common Scenario:

Customer sharing network and gw

Vlan 1 need Internet and also need to talk with vlan 3
Cust 1 -> gw
Cust 2 -> gw

Vlan 2 no need Internet ie no use of gateway either…
Cust 3 -> gw
Cust 4 -> gw

Vlan 3 need to talk only with VLAN1
Cust 5 -> gw
Cust 6 -> gw

The problem I cannot keep the interface of my router on both vlan nor I can connect it to the trunk port and create 2 vlan interface and share common overlapping address.

Is VRF in Vlanned Canopy network is a solution to do intervlan routing using overlapping IP address on different VLAN? Does it work to overcome problem?

yes you can use VRF, but CRF has got nothing to do with Canopy nor do you need anything from canopy…

we use a CISCO 2811, but the important thing is that you will need IOS 12.4, we have 12.2 running on 7600’s although they do VRF it is limited cos I take it you will also want to NAT the customers.

You can’t NAT in side a VRF on 12.2 (i haven’t figured it out yet) but you can in 12.4

Basically using VRF setup sub interfaces and then config int vlan <num> on that sub interface, assign IP, natting rules, DHCP -scope, then create another sub interface and assign a diff vlan on it and you can assign the same IP range.

Obviously the vlan you are assigning will correspond to the VLAN configured on the Canopy kit.

you will need to create a trunk port on the router, it can be same port you use to create your VRF sub interfaces but depending on traffic I would recommend using a diff int

I have been doing this for about 6 months… i put a post up before

Thanks for the info.

Yes i read your previous post mentioning VRF, after i started off this topic , I overlooked :slight_smile: .

Howz the performance of Cisco 2811 ?
In my network , I have 2 Linux (Dell PE-420)gateway each handling over 25Mb of traffic and doing firewalling and b/w mangement etc.

Have you ever tried VRF in linux box?

and also what is this CRF stuff ? haven’t googled it yet :lol:

sorry CRF = VRF that was a typo…

2811 is working fine for me… depends on your topology, I only need to use VRF for certain circumstances, hence I have about 20 VRF’s on a 2811 and it seems fine, I have a secondary router setup in HSRP to take over should the primary fail…

all depends on what the load on the router is and what you are getting it to do