VLAN Communication Issue


We have ePMP 1000 connectrised radio with 2.3.3 Firmware.    Air distance is 1KM.

COnfigured VLAN1, VLAN2 & VLAN3.       

In both Switches, we have configured ethernet port [Where radio conncted]  as Trunk and allows ALL VLANs.

All VLANs traffic are passing correctly for couple of hours..    After few hours Only Default VLAN1 working correctly While VLAN2 & VLAN3 are not working correctly. 

KIndly help us to resolve it.

Hi Sandeep,

Could you please e mail Support@cambiumnetworks.com with the configuration Screenshots and brief description of the issue and date and time you will be available so we can open a ticket and address your issue.