VLAN deployment issue on 11.01

Hello Folks

I currently upgraded an old 9.5 OS platform to 11.01 version to benefit from VLAN facilities on cambium radios.

I presently have a mix up of PMP100 and PMP400 radio system that are used by 4 of my clients. I provide radio links terminated on routers which i dont manage. Each customer is responsible for configuration of his own router and network integration.

the request from these clients is that while doing a CDP neighbor on their cisco routers the only visible neighbors to be seen is there remote offices routers not all other clients routers.

After going through cambium 11.2 user guide, i noticed Q-in-Q does the job but i don’t know and would not like to know what vlans are my customer using, to configure the CVLAN.

so my question: can i implement Q-in-Q Svlan (provider) without knowing and thereby configuring Cvlan (customer)? Other recommendations are welcome.

thanks for your assistance

Should work fine with Q-in-Q enabled, set your Provider VID, and set the Default VLAN to 1

Probably a good idea to do this up in the lab. Someone took my testing SM :frowning:

thanks for assistance
tried the scenario with a customer that has no vlan in his system having default set to 1 and provider set to 80. all communication got stopped.
tried another scenario with same customer with default vlan set to 80 and Provider left 1 so .1Q scenario on all sites, no communication either.

Seems i missing something. pls assist

Is the rest of your network configured to support Q-in-Q properly? Sorry I don’t have any hands-on experience with it