VLAN in ePMP 1000


I need some a help.

I have a link PTP of the radio cambium ePMP 1000.

The radio has 2 ports: AUX and MAIN.

In Subscriber Module, I would like to separate the VLANs on the AUX port and the MAIN port. It's possible?
How does the Access Point radio receive this network? Was it a trunk?


Take a look at THIS KB article, I think it covers what you're asking.

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I do not think that's what I want though.
I have traffic on the MAIN port and other traffic on the AUX port.
So I would like the MAIN port to have a VLAN and the AUX port would have another VLAN and.

The AUX port is a just a bridge of the MAIN port... so whatever VLAN you assign to main in theory should also be assigned to the AUX. There is no way to assign a different mgmt IP, route or VLAN to the AUX port.

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Not sure what you are trying to accomplish, but you could exclude any VLAN/s in the SM's programming. That would allow all VLAN's to pass out the ethernet ports. You could then use a cheap Ubiquiti Edgeswitch 5XP to power the SM plus send one tagged or untagged subnet out one port and another tagged or untagged subnet out another port.