Has anyone used this.

We have a CMM with 4 AP and 2 BH on it. We keep one of the BH links switched off, should anything happen to the primary BH link we can bring up the second link (this is done at IP level) so as far as the RF kit is concerned both links are registered all the time.

Now we started to max the traffic throughput on the BH link, so we thought we would split the CMM into 2 isolated CMM using the VLAN config on the CMMS.

We split 2AP + 1BH on one side and the other 2APs and the other BH on the other side.

Now when we do this, ping logs upto and CMM including the BH are fine, but when pinging the AP’s we get about 30% packet drop. We have tried this on two different CMM and the same results.

Any one done this, any ideas ?

We will try this in the biggining of the next year. Did you solved the packet loss problem?