VLAN override


I have onboarded several APs in cnMaestro, I want them to broadcast the same SSID, but each on a different VLAN. I see no "VLAN override" in AP configuration, is this possible without creating one WLAN and one APGroup per AP ?

You can use VLAN pool option to distribute your clients across multiple VLANs. Are you having any problems in setting it up?


It is possible to do VLAN override for multiple devices through AP group configuration by using one WLAN and one AP group.

If using for Enterprise device type, create a WLAN with default VLAN number, and in AP group->User-Defined Overrides, paste the following text:-

wireless wlan 1
no shutdown
vlan ${vlan}

When pushing the AP group on the device it will ask to configure the VLAN as follows:-

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If there is a value for "vlan" that will be more common than the other you can set a defaul value that will be used if you do not set an override value for each AP.  The snippet below will apply vlan 25.

vlan ${vlan=25}

The below Knowledge Base article goes over User-Defined Override usage with examples for cnPilot Home.  cnPilot Enterprise uses the same procedures.


VLAN pool is not controllable, right ? 

I.E. if I set up a vlan pool of VLANS 101 to 120 for example, clients will be distrubuted randomly in those 20 VLANS or do i have a way to force a specific AP to a specific VLAN ?

Sorry for late reply, your solution is exacty what i wanted, thanks.

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