vlan question

im looking @ doing an interesting vlan and want to know what you guys think.

here is the set up i want

cisco 4000 ds3 router with 8/10meg ports each port is conifgured with an ip address range

cisco 2900 switch (each port on the router runs to a port on the cisco switch, 8 cables total)

then orthogon bh to main site

@ the main site i took out the hub in my cmm and replaced it with another cisco 2900 switch. in this switch i have 4 aps, 4 bhs to other main sites.

what i want to do is break the network up into 8 different pieces and i want to vlan port 1 @ our main site to port 1 @ the office then port 1 @ office run to one of the ports on the back of the router. etc

the guy helping me is concerned about management of the sms to aps and the bam/prizm.

has anyone done a config like this or have any suggestions?

thanks vince

lol… still trying to digest it… .

but how you syncing the kit… are you using the old CMM which provides timing over RJ11 ?

yes old cmm…we just pulled the hub and put in a managed switch