VLAN support by cnVision

May I know if it is possible to assign VLANs on the HUB and CLIENT such that user can make use of cnVision to carry both the CCTV camera signal and other data traffic ? e.g. assigning VLAN 1 for the CCTV camera traffic and VLAN 2 is for LAN traffic etc. so that user can fully utilize the cnVision.

Hi Tony,
Yes, it is possible. There are a couple of ways you can do this.

  1. Do not do any VLAN configuration on cnVision radios, because cnVision radios are nothing but a transparent bridge, which transports all the data - CCTV camera signal, other data traffic, irrespective of all this data is tagged or untagged. Meaning, cnVision radios will pass packets with VLAN tags as well, completely transparently. Thus you do not need to configure any VLANs on cnVision radios to make this work.
  2. Having said that, there is a way you can configure VLANs as well, if you want cnVision radios to limit which VLANs they should be passing. For this you need to do VLAN configuration on client radios. (Hub simply passes all data transparently, so no configuration is available on the hub for limiting VLANs.) On Client > Configuration > Network, you need to use “Membership VLANs” and specify the VLAN traffic which needs to pass through. But keep in mind that, if you configure Membership VLAN, client will only pass the traffic with the VLAN tags you have added in Membership VLANs and will drop any other tagged and untagged traffic.
    I hope this helps. Thank you.
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Hi, Chinmay,

Thanks for clarification. In this case, we can configure the VLAN at the switch connecting both the HUB and CLIENT.

Just for your information, I have read cnVision’s user guide and can see the set up of VLAN on the picture of GUI that VLAN can be disabled or enabled but there’s no description about the VLAN configuration in the user guide. I would suggest to amend the user guide by adding some description on the configuration of the VLAN due to the GUI of CLIENT has such features.

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Hi Chinmay_K,

You said that we could edit the vlans on Client Membership VLANs.
However, we could found this option.

Please see the attachments

Please use latest firmware - beta - https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/cnvision_cnvision/beta