VLAN tagging on ePMP1000 Radio with Sync (AP and BH master)

Hello everyone,

Currently Port VLAN assigment can only be done on slave radios (SM and BH slave)but not on master radio (BH Master).

Did anyone out there came accross this issue??

If a lot of you guys out there got this issue, might be Cambium could consider adding VLAN tagging from Master radio in future software release.

the APs just pass all tags. the slaves decide what happens to the tags, or in backhauls, for us, normally the switches at the tower handles them. 

in my opinion this isn't an issue. just how a bridge radio should be, a really long wire.

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The thing is that it depends on the topology. An example, I have a slave site where all BHS reside, but I have some clients that are nearby and the only viable solution is to connect them through the slave site, thus the client being a master site faces the tagging problem.

For now I am using a switch for tagging purposes, but sometime its not practical to install a switch for only one small customer.

This is where, I believe that it is best to have tagging on both master and slave radio, as PTP450 does.