VLAN tagging

i have 2 Cambium PTP 670 between two offices terminated by two manged switches that are capable of 802.11q. I have set both switches as trunks and as soon as they are set as trunks i cannot access the management portal. So i have changed the switchports to access and i am able to access them agani. Now, the challenge that is i am trying to create two more vlans on the remote site and it looks like the intermediary devices are not propagating the vlan info. There is a section under management that gives a tagging option but as soon as i click on it  get presented with a warning  message that says " 

enabling vlan tagging for management inhibits access to them from non-vlan tagged sources".

So i would like to know as to how do i then get these other vlans to communicate with my HQ, please assist



yes, you should have your management vlan tagged in your device.
In your switches shoud be tagged your mgmt vlan and all your traffics's vlan.