Vlan Trunking on a PTP 450i

Good Day,I am in the process of building a Wisp in rural  South Africa ,I have had a fair experience with the ptp 820,670 and pmp 450,We made a conscious decision to use the PTP 450i and i must say it exceeded our expectations in terms of performance we are getting over 200mbs on a 40km link our challenge comes on the vlan configurations,the ptp 450i comes with a tab for a management vlan which we configure as vlan 1000 and and an access vlan tab,our challenge is we are operating in a service provider space and we require mutiple  data vlans to run on the radio and if we set an access vlan for example 100 then the radio doesnt allow other vlans (trunking the radio port )including the management vlan 1000 to pass through.We are using cisco 3750G switches and we disable vlan 1 on our switches.Our question is how do we trunk the radio whilist leaving vlan 1 disabled



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thank you for posting to the community, Carlos.

Can you post a photo of your deployment? How many people are you connecting?



  It should work exactly how you need it to. Make sure your switch ports are configured for trunk. On both the BHM and BHS enable VLANs and enter your management VLAN. The default port VID is for untagged traffic only, so this should not have any affect on your tagged traffic. All of your tagged traffic should keep their tags as they pass through the link.

Did you login to the BHS side to check the settings there? This is the configuration that differs most from a PMP450 setup.


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Thanks for your swift response can I leave the vlan port type as QinQ and do i still have the ability to enter the management vlan on this radio or everything should be vlan 1



I'm not as good with QinQ.

But from reading the User Guide it appears that the Default Port VID becomes the spot where you define your C-Tag when QinQ is enabled. 

Once your C-Tag is defined then you can configure your Management VLAN, and it should work properly.

(That's if your network is configured for QinQ with two tags per frame. If you are only doing single tags then you will not want QinQ. You will want the standard "Q" setting.)

Are you wanting to remark an existing tag with your own for prioroty?