VLANs and PTP820G


I was wondering if you could share where can I find the configuration of trunk interface on the PTP820G and allow only specific VLANs on the same trunk interface.


on the switch not the radio, configure the switch port to trunk and only allow specified vlans to pass. The only vlan configuration on the radio that needs to be done is to ensure the management interface (the web GUI and SNMP) are in your management vlan.

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Hi Rashad,

Welcome to the comunity. Douglas is right, the most common way to do what you’re trying to do is at the switch and just let the 820 pass all traffic. Use the 820 installation wizard to set the up a P2P ethernet service that bridges all traffic between two service points consisting of the radio (group) and ethernet port.

If you really need to allow only specific VLAN’s on the ethernet ports of the 820 there are good instructions on the user guide and you can reach out to your RTM on how to implement it. It will basically involve creating an ethernet service between SAP and SNP service points where only designated VLAN’s are allowed.

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