VLANs with Imagestream Routers

I am trying to get a VLAN to work in the lab with 1 AP, 2 SMs, and an Imagestream (Linux) router. I have everything setup the way it should be, yet I do not get packets through to the router on the VLANs. Does anyone know of any compatibility issues with Imagestream routers and Canopy VLANs?

I am also getting a “problem” on the SM VLAN setup.

Dynamic Learning: Disabled
Allow Frame Types: All Frames
VLAN Aging Timeout: 500
Untagged Ingress VID: 100
Mangement VID: 1
SM Management VID Pass-through: Enable

Yet, under the active configuration, it lists the Untagged Ingress VID as 1 and DOES NOT list the VLAN 100, despite that being set in the VLAN Membership tab.

Any help would be appreciated.


Greg Helding
E-Vergent.com, LLC
Racine, WI

What type/brand of switch are you using to interface the Canopy Equipment with the ImageStream