How do you guys do your Vlans?

Do yo keep each AP on its on VLan or just each Tower?



Equis wrote:

How do you guys do your Vlans?

We currently don't use VLAN. We NAT every customer end, so don't have broadcast issues.
I think it could be useful just in case you want to isolate broadcast domains (e.g. create a separate network dedicated to VoIp or video surveillance).
Otherwise I don't see the need, but maybe I'm missing something...

We use VLANs to segregate customer traffic and management. Since we also use PPPoE filtering customers’ traffic and reducing broadcast noise is very easy. For the most part our PPPoE domain is a single VLAN. In non-Canopy areas we designate one VLAN per tower as the old Tranzeo stuff supports neither VLAN tagging or filters, so management is mixed with customer traffic.