Voice Data VLAN config options

Do you have any information on the Voice Data VLAN configuration options within cnMaestro, as of version 4.0.1-r2?

I have the automated voice VLAN enabled in cnMaestro as above, but it doesn’t appear the switch is “advertising” the configuration.

Running, show lldp neighbor detail , returns the following from an attached AudioCodes phone.

*Extended 802.1 TLV Info *

*-LLDP MED Capability TLV *
Capabilities Supported : MedCapability, NetworkPolicy, LocationIdentity, Ex-PowerViaMDI-PD, Inventory
Capabilities Enabled : MedCapability, Ex-PowerViaMDI-PD, Inventory
*Device Class : Endpoint Class III *

*-LLDP MED Inventory TLV : *
Hardware Revision : 0
Firmware Revision : 1.19.516
Software Revision : 1.19.516
Serial Number : SC13841937
Manufacturer Name : AudioCodes
Model Name : C455HD
AssetID : 0000

*Power Device Type : PD Device *
*Power Source : PSE and Local *
*Power Value : 11.2W *

Device Classification: bridge, phone

Note how NetworkPolicy is listed under Capabilities Supported but not in Capabilities Enabled, would that be due to the phone or the switch?

Lastly is it possible to advertise location information via LLDP, these phones (Microsoft Team) use when emergency calls are placed to route to the right location so could save a life potentially!


Further investigation appears to point to the phone, Polly phones working perfectly whereas AudioCodes phones appear to be ignoring policy so need to investigate further.