VOIP Country code not changing call progress tones - dial, ring etc


I tried changing the country code to Australia, however, none of the tones change.  By manually entering the correct parameters i was able to achieve the correct tones for Australia.   Is this a bug?, or am I not setting things correctly.




Sorry for inconvenience caused.

We are about to implement some changes for Australian country code. After these changes if a user will select 'Tone Type' as Australia under 'Regional' settings of FXS port then automatically tone type will be set to Australia and 'Ring Voltage' will be set to 55 and there will be some other changes also as per Australia country code settings.



We have made the required changes for Australian tone settings and soon this Image will be available on our support site.

Meanwhile if you wish to explore then i can share a test image with you.

Thanks for sharing for valuable feedback.