VOIP Equipment

Hey everyone. We are thinking of getting into the VIOP arena. I have been reading everything I can find, but I am a little lost.

What exactly do we need to get started? This is going to sound stupid, but, how to we get the numbers for the clients? are they built into the residental VIOP gateways?

Sorry if I sound like a newbie. I have been in wireless for 13 years and can build any network you want, just not VIOP. I feel it is better to ask stupid questions, rather than spending stupid money!

Numbers are given by some kind of regulator agencie. I dont have exp. with voip but while working for a small cable operator I remeaber building the compleate system was to expensive for a small nuber of subscribers (like less then 20.000) back then . For starters mybe it is beter to team up with some voip provider ho has all the voip infrastructure befor nuber grows!  But then again I am not shure maybe you can get the tel nubers and with solution like asterisk and sip trunk to a provider is posible!   

its best to use a 3rd party for this if your not familiar with telco area.

we use a 3rd party rather than dealing with the hassles of headend equipment. works great and the regulatory stuff is all handled for us. we make a decent profit on the service and sell it for $30 a month. 

If your in the US, message me and i'll put you in touch with someone to help you get started and i don't mind sharing our experience in it.

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Look for a white label provider.

But the biggest challenge first is finding one that has a CDR feed that can integrate with your billing system.

You can easily do the port forwards and use grandstream or linksys ATAs, or the c3voip from cambium and start selling service.

Also check if you are in the USA - there are some funny laws about what you can and cant do, uptime guarantees etc which make voip a big responsibility so you will want to trial it and make sure it works first. Some other countries have some funny requirements too.