OK folks,

Could someone clue me in on how best to get a Grandstream HT-496 VOIP to work with our Canopy system?

On the SMs - I am using NAT, and DHCP client and server.
I can get to my SMs using I am using a FREEBSD server for the IPs - 192.168.2.x

The HT also is default setup to do DHCP also.

I can get net traffic to go thru the HT (SM on the WAN port), but I get no dialtone on the attached phone (flashing red light).

I am somewhat of a newbie at this. Any advice would be appreciated.

Ultimately, I want all of my SM’s to be configured the same way (if possible) where they can be hooked to a single PC, or to a router and/or a VOIP device such as the one I am trying to get to work without having to be reconfigured.

I can provide any more info needed.