VOIP on cnReach

Has anyone done VOIP on cnReach, looking to put a remote telephone at a site where regular PTP products will not work .

Hi Ramon, yes, we have some customers deploying VoIP or RoIP (Radio Over IP) using cnReach.  These deployments have typically been single voice channels into areas that can't be reached with a broadband signal.  The key attributes to consider are the spectrum you have in mind, the link budget and the desired voice quality.  For decent voice quality you'll want 40-60 kbps or bettter.  This is easily accomplished with 900 MHz ISM  unlicensed spectrum.  For the best propagation you might consider a licensed band at either 200 MHz or 450 MHz (both available in cnReach).  You would need access to a licensed set of channels.  These would give you the best non line of sight propagation but the capacity may be marginal. 

Can you tell us more about the application, range, terrain, etc.? 

I'd also recommend putting the link into LINKPlanner (available at no charge from our support site).  This will provide the best indication of terrain and distance as well as what capacity you might expect in 900 or 450 MHz.

Let us know you how you decide to proceed and we'll be happy to help.

Regards, Bruce

Thanks Bruce, I had already ran the studies in link planner and it looks like I should have enough bandwidth. Do you have any latency numbers for this product?