Voip pps

Our network is very much Voip driven and I supose QoS dosent really become an issue until your pipes are clogging and I am preparing for the day that happens. From other posts I see that a SM can only process 300pps,an AP 1500pps and BH 3000pps.We use G711 codec and tests have shown that the average call uses an average of 75pps as no packets are transmitted when you are listening,therefore assuming priority is tagged to Voip am I right in assuming that a SM will handle no more than 6 simaltaneous calls,an AP 20 and BH 40 ? Our contentions show around 25:1 for Voip calls on our service therefore in theory we should be able to service 1000 Voip accounts on one BH ? That is apart from new years eve when I am sure we will have meltdown ! I am contemplating having a Point to few points set up using Advantage APs and SMs and if my calculations are somewhere near then each link using 25:1 contention could support 150 Voip accounts. I would appreciate your thoughts.


We have tested and delivered 1024kbps (voip client)(32 simultaneus calls) on a single normal SM using Advantage AP.

There was only 7 users registered at that AP, but I think they reach the limit because accesing the AP’s web interface was very very slow…

Why don’t use g729?

There is a Moto white paper
http://motorola.canopywireless.com/supp … on=1&cat=5

It was a custumer who hired 1024k for call termination service, each call used 30kbps. It was a 32 channel equipment.
I think the carrier or softswitch decides wich codec.