VoIP Priority on ePTP Link?

Is it possible to have run VoIP priority on an ePTP link?

The ability to prioritize VoIP traffic at any possible bottleneck [usually wireless links] is of high importance to me. I prefer not to create artificial bottlenecks (queues less than the wireless link speed) to make up for it. The manual seems to indicate this prioritization is not available in ePTP mode.

Thanks, Chris

I'm not sure if it's possible or not, but it's not available right now.  You'll want a TDD ptp link to enable QOS.

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Josh is correct. QoS capabilities are not currently available in ePTP mode.

@Cambium_Sri wrote:

... not currently available...

I like this wording. Does that mean QoS will be implemented in the future on ePTP links?

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i ran some lab tests between 2 GPS AP's(in TDD, TDD-ptp, and ePTP modes), with the following results:

(for 40mhz channels): i reset the statistics after each reconnection, to make sure i had 100% MCS15 packets.


  142/154mb (DOWNlink/UPlink) run from AP(master) side.

Aggregate will be something between those, as the system can not do 100% RX or RX, so each side represents at most some 80% of total-aggregate troughput here.

Ping starts at 1ms, but scales up as troughput grows.


TDD-ptp 2.5ms:

  104/108 (aggregate 213Mbps)  (50/50 split)

 162/42  (aggregate 205Mbps) (75/25 split)

ping is 7-8ms, and very stable until you saturate the link.


TDD-ptp 5ms:

 114/116M (230M)  50/50

 183/58 (242M) 75/25

ping is the good old 17-18ms until the world ends.


As you can see, TDD-ptp with 2.5ms frames cuts the latency in half, has comparable troughput, if not somewhat higher than ePTP, has more consistent performance under load,and allows for QOS. 

So i would really consider the possibility of running TDD-2,5 over ePTP if you can afford the (moderatelly) increased latency, and that difference gets even lower when you load ePTP links and their latency increases, over TDD-2.5 which doesn't increase latency, at least until you saturate that link, but in that case, you have bigger problems than latency.

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On a recent webinar, it was stated that QoS is available in all modes on the ePMP hardware including ePTP.

I upgraded some firmware to v2.6 and did some configuration testing. The entire QoS tab goes away when the ePTP mode is selected. Will QoS in ePTP mode be implemented soon?

Thank you, Chris