VoIP Recommendations

Hey Guys,

I am looking at some equipment and network configuration recommendations from those of you with experience with VoIP Phones on stand-alone LANs, and on your Canopy networks. Below is what I would like to do.

I would like to purchase (2) VoIP Phones. One of these phones will be installed at my office which has a connection to our Canopy network. The other phone will be installed at my home office, which also has a connection to our Canopy network.

My office network sits behind a Cisco 1605R which has a public IP on our /25. The office network probably has approximately 30 nodes on it. The IP phone will be assigned a private IP address on this LAN.

My home-office network sits behind a Linksys wireless router, which also has a public IP address on our /25. The home-office LAN has 6 wireless nodes, and one wired node. I plan on wiring the VoIP phone directly into one of the switch ports on the router, and giving it a private IP address on its LAN as well.

I just want to be able to assign both of the phones private IP addresses on their respective LANs, and have a conversation between one phone to the other over the Canopy network. For example, I will program a speed-dial on the office VoIP phone to call the public IP address of the home-office VoIP phone, setup port forwarding on the home-office router to forward SIP Ports to the private IP of the phone, and vice versa.

I am looking for VoIP phones that will allow me to do this. They don’t have to have tons of features, as all I want to do is mentioned above. I might possibly look into integrating the VoIP phone at the office into our existing PBX so anyone on the existing analog phone system can make a call to the remote VoIP phone over the Canopy network, but that might come later.

Is what I am looking to do feasible? I am running legacy 5.7 Canopy AP’s and SM’s. So, we are looking at 40 - 50 ms latency from VoIP phone to VoIP phone. Or, I could connect the office VoIP phone to our core switch which is connected to our backhaul, so then my latency would only be about 30 ms.

Any thoughts or ideas are highly appreciated.



You can use WELLTECH boxes for this purpose. Earlier we used it behind the NAT device.

Please double check, before purchasing the boxes.


Planet VIP-150T also does this.

You can have a lokk at: