Vonage Linksys Router will not work with PPPoE

:? We have clients connecting to our Canopy network with PPPoE. Using a PPPoE dialer or there router configured for PPPoE working fine. When clients have a Vonage Linksys Router there router reconnects every five seconds and no matter what we change on the router we are unable to get them to stay online. When we connect them through another router and have the vonage linksys router doing DHCP or static ip they work fine. We know that it is not a problem with our PPPoE servers as our ADSL clients have no problem with this, yet if there is a firmware upgrade for the router or a setting that needs to be set in the Canopy itself.

One other thing we have disabled everything but PPPoE in the Advanced Network Configuration. :twisted:

We appear to be having an identical issues with certain Linksys routers.
Using PPPoE, they connect for 6 or 7 seconds, disconnect and connect again, they do this constantly forever - no variation at all.

The affected routers we have used are the
WRT54GP2 Which is wireless with 2 phone ports
and the equivalent 4 port router + phone without wireless.

Router that is not affected by the issue is the basic 4 port router.

One interesting point is that we have tested the routers directly connected to our server and the problem repeats exactly the same, so in our experience, this is not a Canopy issue !

And we have also tested on 2 different Radius servers, one was Servpoet, the other one i dont know (not my area - probably a linux open source unit)

When using DBCP with these routers there does not appear to be any issue, however we want to move everyone to DHCP.

If anyone has worked this one out, please let me know?