VPN access to network

I have a number of customers that we need to have remote access to devices behind the router and would like to have a way of doing this without setting up port forwards to each of the devices. Is it possible to connect remotely to the r- series router using vpn and be assigned an address on the local network in order to manage these devices. With other routers I have been able to do this using the Windows VPN Client with PPTP.

Hi ,

 You  will be able to do this . L2TP or PPTP tunnel can established with L2TP/PPTP server like Mikrotik  server. Once tunnel is established ,CnPilot router is assigned with Virtual IP address from Mikrotik .You should be able to access this Virtual IP address . All the LAN PC or wlan cleints connected to CnPilot router will get IP address  from CnPilot Router (LAN DHCP of CnPilot router). 

IP Addresses of LAN PCs and wlan clients will get NATed to virtual IP address of CnPilot router and reach the back end network of Mikrotik . Please revert for queries 

Not what I was getting at. I am trying to have a way to access the local network remotely using the windows vpn client on my pc. I need to become a virtual part of the local network from off premises.

Can the R series router do this?

We do not support L2TP server on R-Series routers. R-Series routers can only act as L2TP clients .You won't be able to access R-series router or network behind R-Series router using Windows VPN client.