VPN from a Canopy network

Could somebody tell me what is the best way to provide a Customer with a VPN (from its SM to a public IP in the Internet). What should be the configuration for the customer SM and at the root of the Canopy Network before entering into Internet.

He just needs to create a VPN connection in Windows

-> Start
–> Settings
—> Network and Dialup Connections
----> Create New Connection
------> Connect to a Private Network (VPN) through the Internet

He will need the Server IP address, username and password when he sets it up.

If you are using NAT in the SM, it may not work in which case you need to turn off NAT and use a Broadband Router at the customer end.

Actually this is what we did we are using another router and the SM is without NAT.
No possibility to do it just with the SM ??

Unfortunately not at the moment. Hopefully we may be able to soon with the next release of software.