VPN support

I see that release 8.X will include port forwarding capabilities. Will this include VPN tunneling protocols? I have a few customers waiting for this as well as port forwarding/static NAT.

I agree. Improve the NAT, so users can access VPN

Nice to see someone read my topic after all this time!

If you kill NAT on the radio, you can assign a (what I call fictitious) standard private IP address to the SM and use the public IP address on the PC or VPN router. This will essentially bridge the SM allow all traffic to be allowed.

I assigned my SM to

You can still access the SM by assigning to your PC and connect directly to the SM. Hope this helps.

Yes, we assign all of our SMs a 10.x.x.x address and don’t use NAT. However we would use the NAT in some situations if it worked better. The only reason I would use NAT really is cases where the users have many PCs hogging our IP addressess. In such cases I usually just get a linksys router to NAT, however with some people the linksys NAT kills VPN so we end up giving the people a bunch of IPs since we don’t have a better solution

our workstations have both a public address and a 10.x.x.x so we can surf the net as well as access our SMs/whatever.