Which is better, and whats the differents. Please explain

It’s up to you and the environment.

Vertical polarization if used the most because omnidirectional antennas.

Motorola canopy use horizontal polarization on the built in antennas.

If you have a long link and have a interference issue using “say vertical” then you can use horizontal and probably have no interference at all.
You have to do a site survey to see which one is best on that particular link.

all canopy 2.4,5.2, and 5.7 systems come from factory being vertically polarized.

The 900mhz systems are the only ones that run as horizontal.

oops!, you are correct, forgot to say 900MHz.

With connectorized 900’s you can use either Vertical or Horizontal.

It is stronly recommended that you use Horizontal. Most everything else out there is Vertical because the antennas are cheaper and most of the 900 Vertical spectrum is high power. Moto knows this and that’s why they put the low power Canopy Integrated on Horizontal.

Yep horizontal omni for 900 mhz is the ticket.

If you are crossing bodies of water horizontal polarization is a better radiation pattern most of the time. For canopy this means mostly backhaul configurations with non-motorola reflectors or connectorized units with external antennas.

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I did not know about crossing bodies of water, that is very useful information.


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Yeah, we learned that the hard way crossing 8 miles over a lake.