WAN port on router fried

We’ve been seeing some issues where routers are being replaced more often than they should. A local computer store said they have found that each one has had a fried WAN port, but switching capabilities are fine. I have not confirmed this yet. Has anyone else found this to be a problem? I can see this being a possibility due to the power over ethernet. Thanks,


Whereever the cable that comes from the SM is plug’d, it seems to blow out a port when Static enters the line. Very common during/after thunderstorms. Use a Battery Backup UPS (APC 280/350/420) that has the built in ethernet protection. Or a SS.

We always use surge suppressors on canopy installs and have never had a problem with fried customer equipment.

One time a customer put a nail through the Ethernet cable running to the SM. That fried the SM’s power supply and his router, but the SM survived and is still in opperation. I attribute the SM’s survival to the fact that the segment that was “nailed” was between the power supply and the lightning arrestor, not between the arrestor and the SM.

I see this all the time, doesnt matter if you are using a surgesupressor or not

I have seen then die while using a surge and while not using a surge. Just yesturday I had to replace a network card that had died and it was in a surge supressor, card was 3 weeks old :stuck_out_tongue:

this could be a potentially serious problem then. routers can get expensive after a while. have you done anything to curb the issue or are you just replacing them as you go? i’ve been considering looking for a way to put the suppressor between the power supply and router

I have never seen a router or NIC get fried, however i have had probably 50 power supplies fry over the years…in most installations i have a hard time making a clean install and using the surge protector that comes with the canopy system…the quality of the installation with either make or break your word of mouth more so then the quality of the service.

lots of good feedback here. we are seeing them burn out. whether its canopy related or not, i can not confirm. it makes sense to me that if power jumps on the wrong twisted pair due to a cut or something like that, it can pass through the dongle and fry the port. the only way i could see that happening is either not using a surge suppressor, or accidentally cutting into the twisted pair when stripping back the cover. i will post more soon