WARM reflector grids

Has anybody tried the WARM series of antennas from Advanced Antenna (formerly Equinox) and compared performance to a standard 27RD?

Advanced Antenna is adamant that you add the reflector gain to the SM gain. So for example a WARM24 with a 5700SM would have 24+7 = 31 dB gain, which is 6 dB more than a 27RD solid dish. This seems too good to be true for a 24 inch dish with the SM blocking some of the dish opening. But I have asked them this question twice and they are quite insistent that their numbers are correct.

I tried a WARM24 on an 8 mile link, and while I like the grid mechanically, I am really doubting that we’re getting more gain than a 27RD. In fact we have poor RSSI and rereg problems and I am going to have to replace it with a 27RD to see if that helps. Maybe we just have an RF path problem, but I suspect the antenna.

In our tests, the 27RD performed better than 26dB grids. This is because the grids have poor front-to-back isolation compared to a solid reflector.

The 27RD is 18dB of gain, and the internal antenna is 7dB for a total of 25dB forward gain. We have also had good results with the Wireless Beehive 16dB dishes.

Per Jerry’s recommendation last summer we tried a WARM 27db dish at our house. With the standard Canopy reflector we lost our connection when the leaves came out (5.8 GHz). The warm 27 db reflector plus the internal 7 db in the SM has a total system gain of 34db. We are blasting right through the trees. It had an excellent effect on lowering the jitter.

I would recommend their products.

Why should a dish that gets 27 dBi with a feedhorn get 34 dBi with an SM?

Actually I would expect it to get less than 27 dBi. Why? First, the SM blocks some of the signal from getting to the dish. Second, the grid has a shorter focal length than the Motorola dish and seems to be designed for a wider illumination angle than the 60 degrees of the SM.

Or put another way. The highest gain I have seen for a 2 ft solid dish with feedhorn at 5.7 GHz is 29 dBi. I found a formula for the theoretical maximum gain of a parabolic dish with perfect illumination, and for a 2 ft dish the max was 31 dB. So if the WARM24 meets their spec of 31 dBi, it achieves the maximum theoretical gain.

Do you guys know if a Stinger Antenna that is said to be for 5.3 or 5.7 will work on a 5.4 ?

I don’t see why not but their support sasid NO…