Warning Condition Yellow

Ever since I setup the SNMP and started managing subscriber modules using:
Prizm 3.1
AP’s 7.2.9
SM’s 7.0.7/7.2.9

the indicator icon has turned to yellow and has never changed. I know it is just a warning.

Is this a problem?


Bryan Memmer
Solutions Consultant

What causes it to go yellow? High latency? if thats the case you could have a problem. Are you getting complaints/hows the quality of service?

SNMP uses UDP which is a protocol that has no retransmissions or retry efforts. In fact, there is no indication if the packet ever reaches its destination. From my experience, I usually have red flags on my elements if the SNMP queries aren’t making it to where they need to be.

Yellow is usually just an informational indicator. If this is a new installation/deployment of Prizm, my guess is your prizm server is logging that there are changes in the element configuration. I usually clear these alerts out, but I believe simply acknowledging them will reset the status back to a green (or okay) flag.

If I am wrong on this, someone please correct me.