Was 1.3 Firmware pulled?

I noticed the cnWave60 v1.3 firmware has disappeared, was this pulled?

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If something’s wrong with that release we neen to know it ASAP, thank you

It looks like 1.3.1-r1 was released today, so maybe something was found, and fixed rapidly?

Over the weekend there was a report of an issue with 1.3 in the field.

After looking at this on Monday, we felt it best to stop additional download whilst we understood the issue.

The issue we found is a side effect of the 1500B MTU which was set to default on. Most of the time this would be benign, however, in some rare scenarios we have observed excessive tunnel shifts between POPs.

It’s effect was seen on large distributed networks with many POPs and equal hops between the POP. If there is excessive MCS fluctuation the Open/R would shift POPs rapidly.

We have just released 1.3.1 to switch this to default off, this is the only change to the release. This is precautionary and we will continue to work on the feature.

Most deployments would not be affected, however we suggest anyone running 1.3 and below should upgrade to 1.3.1.


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