Watchdog reset and constant reboots of APs


Currently we have around 8 x e700 APs installed in an accommadation park. The system is configured with 2 Base stations and the rest as clients in a Mesh mode.

The frequencys for the mesh are at 5Ghz and seem to work well. 2.4Ghz is also enabled for customers - also seems to be ok.

However after a day (sometimes less) we notice that the memory on the e700's spike to 50%, they stay there, and when even 2 or 3 clients connects, the e700 goes into reboot and normally indicates watchdog reset. This happens on all the client APS. We have not noticed it as often on the Base APs ...

We are currently running the latest firmware - 3.11.4-r9

We will take it back to tonight - but was wondering if anyone else has seen these issues yet?


Hi Arobo, 

Please confirm if both Mesh Base and Mesh Client are facing watchdog reset. 

Could you please share tech-support of both Mesh client and Mesh base devices. 

Please email me at

Thank You. 


plz share the ap techdump, we have not such issue. we shall be able to identify and fix it. we can share special build which we can load on one of the AP and get what is going wrong. will you be able to help to resolve the issue?

you can reach out us /

Hi, we have invited you into the cnMaestro as a super user so you can investigate further. Please note this is online at the moment for customers. We have downgraded the firmware to which seems to have improved the drop out issues. We recently had a drop out on one of the APs, so happy for you to login and have a look and see if the settings are ok - needs any improving and if there is an issue. Feel free to email me directly with any suggestions and improvements