Are there any news yet regarding a watchdog function on the ePMP's?

We got PPPoe issues that according to Cambium will only be resolved with firmeware 3.5.5 which aint available  yet.

This means we need to either reboot each ePMP2000 AP or all the CPE's.

Its just easier doing it via watchdog by disabling the watchdog IP for 1min at a certain of the day.

Also it is a great function to have.

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I see a few messages on this periodlcally and they are always dismissed.

They obviously have never had to send a tech on a 2 hour round trip to manually power cycle a remote Cambium device. On tower devices I can do it with a switch, but at customer locations thats not always an option. Its a simple feature EVERYONE else has.

It's coming... you can read more in this thread

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