WDS enable from CnMaestro

Hello, I manage a network where I have many cn190 and 195W, and they ask me to activate the WDS remotely, is this possible?

Hi @Fernando_Solorzano_P,

This should be possible with a configuration template. These can be created from the left-hand menu > Configuration > Templates > Add Template. From here you can add the configuration keys required to activate WDS.

To determine the text of the template I recommend updating a test device via its UI to the desired settings, then download the configuration file in cnMaestro. Device’s Configuration tab > View Device Configuration. Copy the text to an editor and search for the settings you changed. These lines can be added to the configuration template.

I see there are four keys with WDS in the name available when I download the config file from am R200 device: WdsList, WdsEncrypType, WdsEnable, WdsKey

Once the configuration you want to update is saved to the template you can apply it to devices in the Configuration tab. At the device level this is for a single device or you can apply to multiple devices at the System, Network or Site levels. For cnPilot Home you’ll need to click the Template tab if AP Group is selected by default.