We keep having various ePMP APs switch to lite license and only allow 10 customers to connect

I have to call tech support and have them reissue me a full license. This usually causes our customers a lengthy outage.

This has happened 5 times in the past 2 years on different APs. Any idea what causes the AP to drop down to lite license?

Happened again this morning. I’m ready to replace all my epmp APs if this keeps happening. So ridiculous.

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We have had that happen enough times over the years that I bought some licenses to have on hand just for the occasion. On at least one occasion going onsite and defaulting/reconfiguring the AP fixed it.

Its just bad that this is even an issue. I have a ticket that has been open almost 24 hours now and I can’t get anyone to issue me a new license. My customers have been down for 24 hours now. No one from Cambium has even acknowledged this is an issue or what would cause this issue.

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Hi, @ElbowWilham!
Which AP are you using? How does it happen?
Does it flush the license on random occasion? Without any prior manipulations from your side?

We have differentiated support services. You can buy a customer care pro subscription and your inquiries will be processed with priority along with prompt access to L2 engineers.

You may have problems with AP power
Check this using the system uptime on the doterboard table “System uptime”.
With some low voltage limits, the device may switch to the default settings. I have had a few cases but on SM
Adjust the device as shown by the arrows and save the settings.

Why do you need someone from Cambium for a license when you can always generate it yourself on a cambium license key and download it, you don’t have to wait a minute (it’s sick that customers don’t have 24-hour service)
Download and deploy to the device.
You also save it as a txt format and you can always re-implement it for that mac address when needed.


It happens with epmp 1000 and 2000 APs. It happens when the AP reboots for some reason. It is not always clear why the AP reboots. Sometimes there is a local power outage, but sometimes it just reboots on its own. When it comes back up everything on the AP is the same except it limits connections to 10.

Yes, I have experienced the SM returning to default, especially with our offgrid customers, so we have that setting disabled. The AP is not returning to default config though, its just has a lite license. The config is the same.