Weather effect and link failover on 60GHz

How does cnWAVE 60GHz radio cope with rain fade?

Is there an inbuilt mechanism to switch traffic to other frequency until the weather condition is improved to carry provisioned capacity?

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As you are aware mmWave is affected by rain, and depending on the region the rain model differs significantly.

We would suggest you use a tool like LINKPlanner to understand the impact of rain in your region, using ITU models it can show you the expected availability and help you understand to potential impact rain may have and either plan for addition fade margin or show how the radio would adjust the modulation modes to cope with a rain shower.

As for a standby link, the V5000 and V3000 do have a 1G aux port that will support a standby link which can be provided by adding an additional radio. We are currently working on this and expect a system solution mid year which will be able to utilise other Cambium radios.

We will be able to monitor the link and switch over to the Aux port if the link drops.

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Was the switch-over feature ever implemented?

I would also like to this… @Antony is this on the road map?

Firstly sorry I did not reply back in February.

The Failover feature was released back in October 2022 in the 1.2.2 release. I see this being used in many networks around the global.

Here’s a neat example I was sent just the other month:

The v3000 link was 1.5km and the 450b radio was being used as the backup link powered by the V3000 through the Aux port.

We use Open/R on the port to monitor the link, if the 60GHz fades the 5GHz link is there to take over. Once the 60GHz is back and stable it automatically switch back to 60GHz. We utilize the LInk Metric in Open/R to switch before the link drops.

Here another example, the fade was a little extreme so we lost a couple of pings:

I’ve asked the team to write up a Knowledge Base Article, it will be added to the forum this week.

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