Web access flag in json file (http vs https)

I am looking through the json file for a Force 180 and can't find the flag that tells the system if we are using http or https. I see where I set the port numbers but I don't see where I can set the flag that tells the SM if we are using port 80 or 443... 

We had previously set all our SMs to port 443 only on the mangement interface. The self signed error is getting old, especially with the new Safari. Since you can only get at our radios on a private VLAN that does not touch the Internet, I should be less concerend about encrypting my communications with the radio and make things easier for our installers. But, I can't figure out how to build a template in cnMaestro to push that to all the SMs since I can't find the line in the json that sets that...


"webService": "1" - http,

"webService": "2" - https;

Thank you.