Web page refresh

We have a 5.7 cluster which we run some 2.4 for extended range. A few customers on both systems have complained that when they hit a link they get ‘page not available errors’. When they hit browser refresh, the page comes up.

Anybody have any suggestions?

Could be a bunch of things. You would have to run a packet capture to see if the HTTP requests and responses are being successfully completed. If it was just one customer it could possibly be their computer, but you say that you are getting complaints from multiple customers.

You would have to narrow down where the data is being halted at. Are all the customers that are complaining about this on the same Access Point on the same system?

All customers are on the same system, but multiple AP’s are involved.

How would I go about running a packet capture? Is this done on the server, or can it be done remotely. Our server is not at our office, but we can access server and Canopy products.

Our office is on an SM that has lower RSSI and higher jitter than most others, and yet we don’t have problems here, but customers on the same AP have problems.

For those interested, or those who might have suggestions, we have determined that D-Link routers may be our problem.

Our office had a Linksys router and worked okay, but when we switched to a D-Link604 the majority of links came up as ‘page can’t be displayed’.

We have done the upgrade, and played with MTU, etc. with no effect. Still working on a solution.

If anyone has any thoughts let us know.