Webhooks in cnMaestro X missing from menu?

Hi am struggling to find how to configure webhooks to push alerts in cnMaestro X to say Teams - I have read the documentation and feature list and it appears to show it should be a feature but I can’t see where to configure it as the menu option appears to be missing entirely.

Has this rather useful feature being depreciated already in favour of having to write the code to do repeated pull calls using the APIs rather than a push call to the third party solution?

We are running Version 3.1.0-r26 in the cloud in a trial at the moment if that matters - the feature list appears to indicate it should be in both cloud and on-premise so I was expecting to see it.

Hi @ChrisH,

Which feature list are you referring to? In the On-Premises user guide Webhooks is noted as an On-Premises only feature in the “Differences with cnMaestro Cloud” section.

Hi @Jordan

cnMaestro-X-Features-Pricing-Aug-2020-final.pdf (cambiumnetworks.com) from the signup page Cambium Networks - cnMaestro X

I will be honest considering we haven’t got a on premise install I hadn’t read the manual for the on premise product as it wouldn’t have crossed my mind!

Is it anywhere on the roadmap soon to support this in the cloud or is you preferred approach hitting the cloud systems with large numbers of API queries to continuously poll for actionable items which I can’t see as desirable from either end when it would be much more efficient to push a webhook call outbound when there is something to report? It seem a bit of an odd thing to not support in the cloud as I am struggling to envisage what the challenge or limitation might be!

Hi Jordan, is this likely to ever appear in the cloud cnMaestro X; we could do to use it to integrate to Teams and Twilio for alerting and don’t really want to deploy on premise infrastructure to get around this if we can avoid it. I am struggling to see a obvious reason why this wouldn’t be supported in the cloud version but if you can tell me there is one then let me know.


Hi @ChrisH,

There is no technical challenge in getting Webhooks support in Cloud. It is just a matter of priority to get enough bandwidth for doing scale testing in the Cloud. Anyway, it is already in the roadmap as part of release - 3.3.0 tracking towards Q3-22.


Hi @Cambium_Ajay thanks, that’s good to hear :+1: