Webinar: 3 GHz PMP 450: Take advantage of cleaner spectrum, more power and serve NLOS!

Join us to learn more about the advantages of 3 GHz spectrum and CBRS for Fixed Wireless Access. 3 GHz PMP 450 can be deployed in near/non line of sight situations to reach the previously unreachable, and add Massive MU-MIMO capacity to existing tower sites.


  • Eric Ozrelic, Founder & CEO, Webformix Company
  • Matt Mangriotis, Sr. Director of Product Line Management, Cambium Networks
  • Steve Kielley, Director of Sales, Cambium Networks



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It’s good to see that Cambium is finally touting the nNLOS capabilities of the PMP450 3GHz line using CBRS!! We’ve ripped out a lot of older LTE that was being used just for nNLOS for PMP450m 3GHz + 450b HG’s and it’s worked great. Faster downloads and much better uploads. There were only a couple cases we couldn’t get 450 working, but it was for installs that should have never been done. LTE would connect, but the connection was practically unusable.

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Thank you for joining our webinar! You can view a recording of the session here.

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Here is a copy of the slides presented, but be aware that the latter portion of the webinar was Eric sharing his experiences, so you’d likely be better served by listening through the recorded webinar.

Why_CBRS_Distribution_Webinar_06142022.pdf (2.1 MB)

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