Webinar: 6 GHz ePMP Solutions from Cambium Networks

6 GHz ePMP Solutions Webinar_Social Media Banner_Jan 2023

Learn how network operators are using their 6 GHz experimental licenses to get prepared for the launch of 6 GHz spectrum in 2023.

You’ll get new insights into the following:

  • Hear about real-world performance of 6 GHz ePMP solutions from Cambium Networks
  • Understand how the AFC (Automatic Frequency Coordination) will work
  • Learn about the process to apply for an experimental license to start testing 6 GHz ePMP products now
  • Hear the latest projected timeline and news on when 6 GHz will be officially made available in the United States
  • Hear about 6 GHz status from other countries outside of the United States that considering opening the 6 GHz spectrum


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If you missed the 6 GHz ePMP Solutions webinar, you can view a recording of the session here: https://go.cambiumnetworks.com/l/428442/2023-01-24/56zdqv

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